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Digital, interactive and sustainable.

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We offer you a digital solution that’s so much more than “just” a virtual exhibition stand. We create your brand worlds with emotion and functionality to the highest level of marketing quality.

Whether it’s based on existing CAD data, stand plans or completely designed by us for you.

Perhaps you could call it a “digital showroom”, as it can do so much more than “just” an online expo stand.

Lay the foundations TODAY for modern marketing and innovative, future-proof sales.

How you benefit:

  • Present your company, products and portfolio – digital and interactive.
  • Easily integrate everything into your website or existing platforms.
  • Use the latest technology and create a real experience.
  • Make a long-term investment, using your new 3D content and animations for other applications in future.
  • For flexible use in other AR/VR applications, marketing/sales and presentation solutions with mld digits gmbh

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Create digital showrooms stand of any size and customize them with individual gimmicks.
Sustainable effort: Re-use your digital content for AR, VR, or interactive apps.

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How can we create a real experience?

A virtual trade fair stand is the ideal platform when it comes to informing and enthusing customers, and even talking to them live.

Impress clients and prospective customers at your digital exhibition stand by creating a personal atmosphere that’s sure to impress as well as facilitate person-to-person exchange without restriction. Take advantage of the latest technology to ensure a real experience that will leave a lasting impression – all at a manageable price.

A personal touch

Whether you’re face to face or avatar to avatar. A story is the best way to transport information, and our solution is here to help you.

Simple communication

Modern video/audio communication integrated directly. Thanks to open source technology and a dedicated server.
Secure. No added costs. No extra software.

Available for mobile

Mobile users can access app content offline for optimized availability. Mobile devices can also display the content as 360° images complete with click points, providing a taste of the web experience.

Marketing quality

Design and function are equally important! It’s not just looking good that leaves a professional impression. Forget static 360° renderings and dated visuals.
Use real-time graphics: we’ll take care of it!

Interactive products

Let your products speak for themselves!
With interactive animations, no matter how simple or complex,
all processes will be tangible and easy to understand.


Already have content?
A trade fair plan or even CAD data?
Perfect. We’ll take care of the rest!
Advice, planning, content creation, programming,
development, hosting, integration and support

Missing a function?

No problem, we can join you in developing the perfect solution.

AR, VR, Interactive, Touch, Web, iOS, Android, PC

Design & FunCtion. Hand in Hand.

Feature overview

Every good story needs a hero

Interact with your customers at your virtual trade fair stand with your own avatar. This lets you create a personal feel in a virtual space - just like at a real exhibition stand.

3D Produktdarstellung einer Maschine mit klickbaren Icons zum Abrufen und Erleben weiterer Informationen

Interactive product presentations

We make your products and processes visible for your customers.
Let your visitors explore product features themselves. Through 3D animations and interactive displays.
We don’t just give you an off-the-rack virtual trade fair stand.
Dreaming of your own brand world? We can do that too!

Messe34 Flexibler Content dank CMS Integration

CMS integration

Customers can implement all graphics and content themselves, so the virtual exhibition stand is always up to date. Various templates ensure numerous application options: For example, different content can be displayed for trade fair appearances and customer websites.

Messe34 lässt sich mit jeder Marketing Automation Lösung verbinden

Link with marketing automation

Collect new leads or feed your marketing automation tool or CRM with new information about customers you already know. We integrate your marketing automation system directly into your virtual exhibition stand to make the user journey visible via tracking and a log-in feature. The system takes care of everything else for you - with smart tools you can turn cold leads into real contacts.

Messe34 ermöglicht Integration von Umfragen und Survey-Tools

Polls and survey tools

Integrate flash polls at various points into the virtual trade fair stand to deepen interaction with the customer and encourage participation. We use the customer's existing systems for this. This way you can work with tools you are already familiar with and don’t have to worry about a new system.

Messe34 kann für ihr Event Livestreams in 3D oder über externe Plattform integrieren und somit eine Verbindung zur echten Welt herstellen.


In addition to videos, you can also display presentations or events as a Livestream in a three-dimensional space in your virtual exhibition stand. As soon as visitors enter the digital booth, they are right in the middle of the event. Just like at a face-to-face event, visitors can contact the company directly, get more information, arrange appointments, etc.

Messe34 integriert sich und versteht sich selbst als Event-Plattform

Event platform

How does a virtual trade fair stand become an amazing experience? A place where you can network, meet new people, and learn about the latest industry highlights on specific dates?
In combination with our specialized platform from mld all of this is possible – the content is streamed live directly from a studio.

Interactive showroom

Level up your digital sales with our individually customizable customer showrooms. Create an outstanding customer experience: unique, emotional, appreciative. We create a unique virtual trade fair stand for each visitor with their personal color scheme and logos that is linked to their respective known contact person to easily arrange follow-up appointments. Thanks to CMS integration, these customizations are easy to implement.

We say: “Think big, start small.”

Our digital solution is designed to be sustainable and expandable at any time. The elements we design and deliver for integration into the virtual expo stand can be reused in other applications.

We don’t just give you an off-the-rack virtual trade fair stand. We’ll make your every wish reality – right down to the smallest detail. If you miss any feature or have a special request, please let us know!

Droneo, der virtuelle Avatar von mld digits, zeigt eine nachdenkliche Pose

Digitize your trade fair sales marketing products services

Save money

No expenses for travel, accommodation, space, tickets or storage

Make long-term investments

Usable in the long term, resource-conserving, reusable at any time

Increase your reach

Accessible worldwide with no physical or time restrictions

Virtueller Messestand Beispiel mld digits auf EuroShop Messe 2019 LED Wall rXone und AR Anwendung

Keep in contact

Live communication with customers at mutually arranged meetings in real time

Give your website a boost

More quality, high information content and plenty of fun thanks to an interactive expo stand

Think big

The technology makes it possible: let your creativity run free – we’ll take care of making it reality!


We’ll be happy to show you more in a personal live demo!

Droneo, der virtuelle Avatar von mld digits, zeigt eine nachdenkliche Pose

Your virtual trade fair stand is that simple

Get in touch

Benefit from our experience from countless AR/VR/real-time marketing projects. Request a free custom quote by phone or email.

Compare data

We’ll bring your stand and products to life from sketches or existing CAD data. The biggest benefit? All content can be flexibly used in further projects.

Define technology

Our Messe34 solution is WebGL-based and runs on modern browsers on regular computers. So the virtual fair stand can easily be integrated into existing websites.

Let's go!

We’ll bring your idea to life in next to no time. You’ll be kept in the loop through the whole design process, so we can make changes together.

Psst... did you know?

Stories stick in mind

stick in the mind better!*

Stories sell

sell better.*
Alternatives to trade fairs
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Messe34 in detail

We don’t set any limits when it comes to design. If you like, we can even bring your existing trade fair stand designs to the virtual space to create a good level of recall value. But we can just as easily realize your creative ideas and special requests. Use the classic cornerstones of real trade fair stands, such as showcase areas for product presentations, brand worlds for company presentations and even coffee corners for personal chats.

There’s no limit to your creativity. Fancy some examples? Showcase new technology in a virtual space station. Show machine components in a realistic factory. Visualize your services in realistic surroundings. And benefit from a virtual trade fair stand that’s sure to turn heads!

Tell your story. With your personal avatar, you can win over customers at your virtual trade fair stand: greet them personally for a meeting, guide them through the 3D fair stand and have a personal discussion digitally. Of course, your customers can also explore on their own. At the end of the day, the only thing that counts is the user experience – we make your ideas reality and customize your digital trade fair stand.

Customers are free to experience the various stations of the virtual exhibition stand alone, with a digital avatar or a personal customer support agent. Use high-quality content such as videos, brochures and presentations to impress and draw attention to highlight products. New products can be impressively staged in virtual trade fair settings: animations ensure a three-dimensional, interactive product experience while offering a playful way to visualize function e.g. in a machine.

We’d be happy to integrate your company’s existing content into your virtual trade fair stand. Add newsletter subscription forms, call-to-action buttons and other informative material. You can integrate texts, PDF documents, various image formats, videos, audio files, presentations, slide shows and even business cards. Even more complex elements such as 2D and 3D objects, animations, hyperlinks and contact forms can easily be built in.

Offer your customer the best possible convenience and support as they explore your trade fair stand together with a customer support agent. The employee can speak with the visitor via telephone, video call or chat, present selected products or provide more information at the customer’s request. Using a shared screen, they can then introduce content with prepared sequences or guide the visitor through the stand. You can even link the customer’s and employee’s view so that both can click on content to discuss. This ensures a playful feel.

The guided tour with personal support agent is particularly useful if you would like to staff your virtual stand during specific times or invite customers at specific times for appointments. Of course, your virtual trade fair stand can be used outside trade fair season with additional options, e.g. integrated into your website.

Die Guided-Tour mit persönlichem Betreuer bietet sich insbesondere an, wenn Sie Ihren virtuellen Messestand zu vorher festgelegten Zeiträumen besetzen oder gezielt Kunden zu Einzelterminen einladen möchten. Selbstverständlich kann Ihr virtueller Messestand im Anschluss an die Messezeit auch mit anderen Optionen weiterhin genutzt und beispielsweise in Ihre Website integriert werden.

Gradually customize your virtual trade fair stand with additional features. On request, we can integrate calendar functions, appointment booking, meeting tools (video-audio online), live streaming of talks or events, solutions for online workshops, webinars or conferences and, last but not least, analysis tools.

It’s always possible to use your virtual trade fair stand to organize meetings, conferences and seminars. We check for you how much your existing planning and meeting tools could be integrated for webinars and workshops, for instance. Our aim is to make it as easy for you and your customers to use as possible. All on one single platform: your virtual trade fair stand!

Reliable. Impressive. Professional.

Our real-time visuals and exceptional service are already valued and appreciated by our many customers. The mld digits team is behind Messe34. You can find even more references and AR/VR/real-time projects HERE.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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